Saturday, August 4, 2012

NRG Battle Finals 

"The key to change is to. . .let go of fear"

-Rosanne Cash 

I learned how to pitch, and in doing so I learned that I am capable of so much more. Here is a video documenting part of that journey. 

A Weekend in Italy 

"If time does not wait for you, don't worry. Just remove the battery for the clock and enjoy life"


Sunlight, friends, good food, and laughter. . .every thing we need in life. 

Last April, my roommate Melanie and I took the battery out of the clock for one glorious weekend in Italy. Ryan Air offered a weekend discount fair from Leeds/Bedford to Milan for thirty pounds, so naturally we seized that opportunity to visit our friends. 

Upon leaving the plain we knew that we were not in England anymore. The sun was shinning, the air was warm and fresh. We took a bus to the central station and met our dear friend Ada. Showed welcomed us with open arms. At her apartment ate treats from the local bakery, soaked the the beauty if Italy. We met up with our other friend and enjoyed the beauty if Milan. A local artist sat on the street and carved flowers and animals from vegetables, we looked on at him amazed. After giving him a little money, the artiest gave Ada a dolphin carved out of a carrot. We instantly fell in love. 

The Milan cathedral was large and stunning, and the sun inviting. We further marveled at the sun when we visited the breath taking coastal village of Portofino and drank an 8 euro  hot chocolate. We explored and laughed. 

That weekended was gift of light, good food, and amazing company. 
A vegetable artist in Milan  

Animals and flours crafted our of vegetables 

Ada and Melanie adoring the carrot dolphin 

The bay of Portofino 

Ada and I on the roof of the Milan Dom


Munich European Forum G20 Simulation

"Politics the art of the possible"

-Otto Von Bismarck  

We humble students had the opportunity to simulate the G20 conference later held in Mexico. Imagine the excitement, the frustration, the negotiations, and the exhaustion. 

How many times in your life do you get the opportunity to step out of your everyday life and pretend to be a major world leader? I don't know, but I jumped at the first opportunity I got (just in case it would never come again). I was a participant of the Munich European Forum, and I was selected to be the honorable Jose Manuel Barroso, current president of the European Commission. Myself along with fourteen other students (we didn't quite have enough people to make it the G20, so we settled for the G15) set out to draft and pass resolutions regarding climate change, IMF reform, and international economic policy. 

The other MIC Girls and I taking a break from negotiations to see  the spender of Brussels  
So how did we fare? We were able to pass 14 weak resolutions in total. I think that most of the resolutions passed had already been passed in some form or another. I did, however learn approaching global challenges with a flexible overall strategy and an understanding of major players is important. I also met other amazing MIC students and had a wonderful time.

Cambridge Collages

Tijana and I on our punting tour


"Time spent, memories forged and experiences shared serve as a bond that make friends sweeter and closer as years pass by"

One of my dear friends lived in Cambridge last spring. As a result, I had the privileged of experiencing that  enlightened historic city. I walked along beautiful old paths where history has taken place. I laughed, smiled, and relished in the old buildings and youthful and vibrant residents. My dear friend and I ate the amazing offerings of Jame Oliver Italiano Restaurant and  enjoyed local pubs. I fell in love with the old collage library and the shelves of knowledge it housed. A typical punting tour left me in awe, just as the Evensong at Kings College left me in tears. Most importantly, this time was spent with my dear friend, with whom anything is possible.  

Writing postcards in a local pub 

Punting on the river 
The dinner table was set 

Each architectural detail is a treasure  

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Skipton Castle

We has an amazing Friday day trip, thanks to our fantastic neighbor Alex. We got to see a small part of West Yorkshire history. A well known character from this castle's long story was named Lady Anne, so I had a special connection to it. We topped of the day with a plate of fish and chips. At times England just amazes me!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Edinburgh . . a modern day fairy tale city

I have fallen in love with Edinburgh. . .

St. Andrews

Breath taking. . . need I say more.